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Designer Tiles Used by Celebrities

Bathroom marble tiles

Making homes more beautiful than ever is one of the most important factors prioritised by individuals in the creative industry. They believe this for a variety of reasons. It can be for the publicity and endorsement they wish to attain by having their interiors out on the internet and create a statement for their fans. It can also be as simple as achieving the right aesthetic for their homes which is their sanctuary far away from their busy schedules.

Given the increasing wave of modernity, there is no gainsaying that the installation of exclusive tiles has taken over carpet and rugs at home. More interestingly, celebrities have become more frontiers in the use of fantastic and captivating designer tiles.

In view of the above, we shall look at some of the designer tiles used by celebrities at home. It is fundamental to note that a tile is a thing object usually square or rectangular in shape. In part two, a tile is made up of hard-wearing material such as natural stone, metal, baked clay, ceramic, or glass.

Due to the growing rate of science and technology in recent times, tile designs have been refined and upgraded to different finery states. Many models have been made into minimalist or luxuriously extravagant form. Some of these designer tiles are subsequently examined.


Types of Designer Tiles at Celebrities Home

  1. Ceramic Designer Tile

There is no doubting the fact that ceramic tile has become an object of attraction and captivation to celebrities and many other homeowners. More fundamentally, it could be designed in a different range of colour, sizes, and shapes. As a result, it comes in various forms as one loves it. It is generally adjudged as the perfect match for the achievement of a cozy themed bathroom due to its rock and wood texture.

  1. Terracotta Designer Tile

While the terracotta designer tile appears to be an aged form of tiles, it is adjudged to be a radiant and dexterous form of flooring. It has some form of creamy, fascinating, and attractive texture. More often than not, some celebrities usually prefer it due to the fact that it has a homely and excellent ambience in the home. It should be noted that terracotta tile is made up of discrete red or earthy hued clay.

Furniture in the dining hall

  1. Vinyl Designer Tile

Another most familiar form of tile found in the home of celebrities is Vinyl tiles. More instructively, it is often used in the bathroom due to the fact that it is eco-friendly and can be reused in different times. However, the Vinyl tiles are resistant to cracks and very hard to break. Apart from the durability of the Vinyl tile, some frugal celebrities often prefer it because it is less costly and affordable.

  1. Stone Designer Tile

One of the most popular tile in recent times is stone tile. It is often made from marble, granite, limestone, and slate. It should be noted that the stone designer tile can be found in different textures on the market. Depending on the choice of the celebrity, it is often available in the etched, cleft, or tumbled form. It is instructive to note that the stone tiles are generally exclusive and expensive, and that is the more reason why top-notch celebrities prefer stone designer tile.

  1. Marble Designer Tile

Like stone tile, marble designer tile is equally sophisticated and well polished. It is also available in different sizes and patterns and generally used by celebrities at home.

There is no doubt that celebrities love modern designs and often shop with designer brands in mind. By checking out these tile designs, you can have your home feeling like a celebrity designed it in no time at all.

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